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Marketing Strategies for Senior Living

By 2030, all baby boomers will be age 60 and holder according to the 2020 Census. One major factor is the growth of competition in care living. Whether a website is already established or soon to go live, being online is not enough: the senior living center needs to be actively marketing to the senior community to stay ahead of the competition.

To make your assisted-living facility stand out, and on-going success, a senior living leasing action plan needs to have a healthy online marketing budget to tackle the various avenues of marketing. With our research, here are the Nation’s Top 6 Outreach Marketing Ideas for senior living that can increase the community’s visibility, as more seniors look ahead to research their retirement housing options.

Senior Living Marketing Strategies

1. Showcase Floor Plans as A 3D Rendering or Virtual Walk-Through

This is one of the smartest (and trending) senior living marketing ideas to meet lease up expectations, and Floor Plan Imaging does it well with an easy start process. With the help of technology, interior, aerial, walkthroughs and floor plan renders in 3D (2D is a thing in the past) are an intuitive architectural visualization tool that adds huge value to developers and construction project builders who aim to enhance the marketability of their facilities to prospects.

Virtual 3D Floor plans represent how the facility is arranged thereby providing detailed insights into its functionality, and space. Custom 3D rendering of senior living is a booming success in increasing the prospects attention, in addition to providing sellers an edge over competing senior living listings that only have black and white 2D floor plans or color 2D floor plans.

The Pros of Using 3D Floor Plans in Senior Living Marketing

The Pros of Using 3D Floor Plans in Senior Living Marketing

  1. Prospects get an instant sense of being at the property.
  2. The community’s impression is enhanced by using modern floor plans.
  3. Prospects can easily share to others.
  4. Presenting interior, aerial, or walkthroughs in 3D will allow investors to understand your vision clearly, improving the chances of finance decisions.

2. Begin Your Online Presence with A Professional Website

A website is the new business card. Since this is your virtual guide, and in most cases the first impression, to all the services offered in your assisted living community, make sure your website has a professional look, and is responsive, and easy to navigate.

3. Every Senior Living Leasing Action Plan Should Promote Articles

Posting relevant articles on your website is among the most effective approaches to delivering information while converting leads to actual facility walk-ins. Blog articles should specifically stir interest in assisted living topics which you can then use to highlight relevant services that your facility/community offers. This can include discussing the importance of senior health and communal activities.

4. Inbound Marketing to Boost Senior Living Occupancy

This is one of the most practical and smart ways to increase occupancy rate in senior living facilities. There are several ways to do inbound marketing: use email campaign, blog posts, eBooks, videos, or social media.

Email Marketing

5. Email Marketing

Utilize a senior living prospects contact email, by sending them monthly email newsletters, invitations to community events at your facility, and links to your latest blogs.

6. Social Media Marketing for Senior Living

Popular platforms like Google My Business, Instagram and Facebook makes marketing for senior living lease-ups easier by reaching people while they are on their social media feeds.

Key Take-Aways of Senior Living Marketing and Increasing Lease Ups

How Do You Market A Senior Living in 2020?

Every senior living marketing plan should include the following:

  • Professional website
  • 2D, 3D Floor Plans, 3D Tours, Virtual Walkthrough Plans
  • Establishing a marketing plan of action
  • Social Media and publishing articles
  • Managing your reputation
  • Inbound and outbound marketing