Getting Started

  • What do you need to get started on my 3D floor plans or 3D tours?
  • We need your existing floor plans and photos of the interior of one unit from your community. Room dimensions on your floor plans can help, but aren't necessary if your 2d floor plans are scaled. The requirements for 3D tours are the same, although providing more detailed photos will help more with 3D tours.

  • Why do you need pictures?
  • Your pictures are used to match your real life finishes. Our graphics team will reference the pictures you send to incorporate your exact finishes into the 3D floor plans, including: doors, windows, appliances, cabinets, vanities, etc.

Making Floor Plans

  • How long does it take for you to produce my 3D floor plans?
  • For most orders, after a project manager has verified that we've received the requirements, it will take 5-10 business days to have the proofs ready for you to review. A more specific timeline can be provided upon request, and we can usually accommodate rush projects.

  • Do you outsource?
  • No. All of our work is done from start to finish by an in-house team of trained graphics professionals here in the United States.

  • Are revisions free after I have approved the proofs?
  • No, there is a small edit fee for changes to floor plans that have been approved or delivered. Pricing varies based on what is requested. Please ask us about your specific floor plan change request for an exact price.

  • What is a proof?
  • Before we invoice and deliver your floor plans, we show you proofs of the 3D Floor Plans that were created based on the information we received from you. A proof is the same thing as the final rendering, except you do not own it and it may include a watermark over it. We show you the proofs to ensure that your expectations are met. Also, during this stage (the review stage) you are allowed unlimited revisions for free.

  • What do you mean by free unlimited revisions during review stage?
  • If there is anything you don't like in the proofs you are shown, you can ask us to change it. Revision requests can include anything regarding the floor plan layout, finishes used, colors, etc. The only exception is that we can't customize the furniture pieces. Furniture can be rearranged, removed, or swapped for a different collection, but we can't change the upholstery pattern on a sofa, or make a lamp to match the lamps in your model units, etc.

  • How do I place an order for multiple properties?
  • We ask that you place a separate order for each property. This is so that all projects are organized for your company and it helps our production process as different properties usually require different finishes.

Product Questions

  • What formats will I receive my 3D floor plans in?
  • We typically deliver 3D floor plans in a .PNG format, with a transparent background. For your convenience, we prepare a High Resolution uncompressed file version (for any print material) and a compressed Web Ready file version (for quick load times on your web site.)

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