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3D Floor Plans
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Product Description + Specifications

3D Floor Plan Description

A 3D Floor Plan shows the living unit's layout as if it were viewed by an aerial camera, ignoring the roof and anything around the unit. Some describe it as a dollhouse floor plan. We match all the finish details, including flooring, doors and windows, appliances, cabinets, countertops, and any built-in shelving. Each floor plan is fully furished and decorated as if it were a show unit.

Available Options

  • Room Dimensions
  • Utility Labels
  • 45° Angle
  • Choice of Furniture Collection


  • One 4000px by 3000px PNG image file with a transparent background.
  • One 1200px by 900px PNG image file with a transparent background.
  • You own the copyright to delivered images and have full rights to use however you please.


  • Other image formats and resolutions are available by request.
  • 3D Floor Plans are only available as raster images. It's not possible to capture this level of detail in a vector image format.
  • When delivering your images, we will send you a shareable download link for access by anyone with the link.
  • We are selling computer rendered images. The models and assets used to create the renders belong exclusively to Floor Plan Imaging and will not be transferred to or provided to clients or 3rd parties under any circumstances.

Highlighted Features

Property Finishes & Features Matched

We'll use your photos or the finishes you picked pre-construction and match all finishes in the 3D Floor Plan.


We hold onto the source files for your floor plans indefinetely so that you can update your 3D Floor Plans with a future renovation.

Online 3D Floor Plan 3D Floor Plan Rendering

Our 3D Floor Plans are made using the latest technology and proprietary textures to ensure quality and consistency, even at a close inspection. The image under this text is a perspective render in one of our 3D Floor Plans.

Professionally furnished

Each floor plan is furnished using a cohesive furniture collection, giving your units a nicely staged look.

Show all furniture collections

Available During Construction

3D Foor Plans are great to use on your web site and leasing office perpetually, and they come in clutch during pre-leasing when the building is still a construction site.

Building delay? Don't delay lease-up sales.

Apartment 3D Floor Plans

The Order Experience - What to Expect

  1. Register in ordering portal
    • First, register your a user with your email
    • Second, register your company (or, if company is already registered, use company access code)
  2. Place order
    • Property info, product(s), number of floor plans
    • Next, upload relevant photos
    • We'll review your order and let you know we are starting
  3. We send you a 1st proof
    • Takes 1-3 business days
    • This is just proof is of a single floor plan
    • Ensures we have all your property details protrayed accurately
  4. The rest of your floor plans are created
    • After 1st proof approval, we start on the rest
    • Full set of proofs in 2-6 business days
  5. Review your proofs
    • You can provide feedback on your proofs
    • Quick turn around on updates
    • Unlimited number of reviews are included
    • When everything is to your liking (typically happens on 2nd set of proofs), you approve
  6. We deliver your 3D floor plans
    • We'll send links to two sets of images: high resolution and web ready
    • Your download links are emailed to you and organized in our Portal for easy access
    • This is when we invoice you
    • Your order is complete

Please note, timing on here is based on a typical size order (4-12 floor plans), timing may increase with larger orders.

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