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5 Ways 3D Floor Plans Rocket Real Estate Sales

3D floor plans are a computer-generated graphics of a real estate property. They show the layout of the property in a “doll house” horizontal view. Before the creation of such technology, real estate agents would have to put a lot more work (and money) into marketing and producing marketing materials. With 3D floor plans, marketing is made much simpler. These floor plans are a far more cost-effective way to promote a commercial or residential property.

How Does a 3D Floor Plan Help Real Estate Sales?

These types of computer graphics help with marketing a property on many levels. They allow potential buyers to see what the property could look like without the need for expensive staging or redecorating. A 3D floor plan can attract more buyers and increase the amount of property viewings. It can also lead to faster sales, and increase the selling price of a property. Read on to discover 5 ways 3D floor plans rocket real estate sales.

1. A 3D Floor Plan Can Help Real Estate Listings Stand Out

It is hard for a buyer to envision room size and location without a floor plan. With a 3D floor plan, potential buyers can see exactly how a property is laid out. According to surveys, 1 in 4 buyers will be less likely to set up a showing without one of these floor plans. An astounding 1 in 5 people said they would not even consider a listing that had no floor plan available at all.

3D floor plans give buyers a good perspective of the property. They can easily see the layout, the rooms, and how furnishings might work in a home or commercial building. Creating a realistic birds eye view of a property piques buyer interest and helps a property get more showings.

While better than not having a floor plan, 2D floor plans are not quite as effective. It can be difficult to really imagine a property before seeing it in person with one of these. A property with a 3D floor plan looks much more attractive to buyers than a listing with a 2D plan.

2. They Help With Online Marketing

5 Ways 3D Floor Plans Rocket Real Estate Sales

3D floors plans are a great tool for online marketing. They can increase the impact of landing pages, digital brochures, and other online marketing materials such as promotional emails. They can also be used in social media to to grab a buyer’s attention and get them interested in a property.

Floor plan renderings, especially those that are 3D, give buyers a realistic view of the interior of a property. They are a cost-effective way to successfully market a property digitally.

3D floor plans can also help attract foreign buyers. With a 3D rendering, potential buyers in the global market are more likely to reach out to the realtor. 3D floor plans can motivate potential buyers to take the time to arrange a visit, even if that means traveling to do so.

A 3D floor plan entertains and persuades. It also shows the property in the best possible light when it comes to online marketing. Using a 3D rendering can help keep marketing costs in check while also increasing interest in a property.

3. They Make for Good Print Advertising

3d renderings are not only good for online marketing. They can be used for print advertising as well. Realtors who use print media effectively, such as using a 3D floor plan, can better showcase the property with less wording. A 3D rendering can be included in print marketing of all types, from promotional cards to brochures and handouts. They’ve even been used very successfully to show different floor plans in senior living communities.

Floor plans help a buyer visualize the spaces within a home easier. It gives them an idea of the size of the house. Something as simple as not including the floor plan with a listing can make a buyer pass by your listing. A floor plan can pique the interest of a buyer, making them want to see more.

4. They Allow for a Presentation of the Future

5 Ways 3D Floor Plans Rocket Real Estate Sales

One challenge realtors face is showing how the property could look. With a 3D floor plan, potential buyers can imagine what the property might look like once they move in. This helps bridge the gap between the current state of the property and the future possibilities. A 3D floor plan with furniture rendering can help people see the potential a property has. The images of the property will be realistic, clear, and detailed, allowing potential buyers to see what the property could become. 3D floor plans are the perfect tool to help home builders give potential buyers a vision of what the home, building or complex will look like before they’ve even broken ground.

5. They Demonstrate Expertise to Sellers

A seller will want to know that a realtor has the needed experience before signing a contract and allowing an agent to sell their home. With 3d floor plans, a realtor can display expertise by taking advantage of cutting edge technology in order to better promote their services.

Branding is important when it comes to selling real estate, and realtors who use more updated technology to sell a home come off as more business savvy, and therefore better at sales. A 3D floor plan can help to showcase a realtor’s talent and dedication when it comes to getting a property sold.

The Bottom Line: Why 3D Floor Plans Help Real Estate Sales Skyrocket

3D floor plans have a number of benefits when it comes to selling a property. They can help listings stand out, demonstrate realtor expertise, help with print and digital marketing, and make a lasting impression on potential home buyers. If you are a real estate agent or work in real estate sales, you should highly consider using a 3D floor plan to help sell properties.